Entertain your Self With Prime Link 

Order to Explore the new channels and streaming videos prime device first require to setup with internet . It can easily setup with WIFI in simple few steps and you can aslo connected Via: Ethernet Cable. Using Prime Entertainment without any bounds at home any time any where.

Why we need internet connection for turning on Prime.

All streaming  Devices Require Internet Connection TO access content online, Device Came with remote from which you can connect it with your home network.

Smart Services

We provide 24/7 support as well technical assistance for the build o fthe home aduitoriums at home or at entertainment places. 
our com link can also adjust the sound bars in all rooms as designanted places as require.

Streaming Device Assistance

Techsolutionscanada can also help in assemble achieve and also connect the gaget and make thhe home or entertainment place happening.
we do provide the support of all types of TV and Mounting Services as well Streaming device install